La Casa del Español Council of Europe MCER* DELE**

* Common European Framework
** Cervantes Institute

Each level requires a certain number of hours of study, bearing in mind that the progress of each student will vary depending on the length of the course, motivation, aptitude and linguistic ability.

About the Levels

The standard number of hours required to achieve each level (starting from zero) is detailed below, along with a description of the level:

Beginner (A1)

Number of hours required: 60

At this level students understand and are able to use frequent daily expressions. They can also use simple phrases to navigate daily situations. They can introduce themselves and introduce others. The students can also ask for and give basic information about themselves and about people they know well. They will also be able to understand people who speak slowly and clearly.

Elementary (A2)

Number of hours required: 90

At this level students can understand frequently used expresions and phrases which are useful in day to day life (about themselves, their work, place of residence, their interests and family/friends). In addition, they can communicate in a simple way about common everyday matters. They can describe aspects of their past and talk about family and friends.

Pre-Intermediate (B1)

Number of hours required: 120

At this level students can understand simple texts written in basic language that contain familiar topics (work, social and academic interests). They can get by in situations such as a trip to a Spanish speaking place. They can also write simple and coherent texts about familiar topics that are not too complex. They can also talk about facts and wishes, and even give explanations concerning the experiences they are describing.

Upper Intermediate (B2)

Number of hours required: 160

At this level students understand the main ideas in texts which are of some complexity and that discuss topics that are no longer simple, texts that may even be technical but with which they might already be familiar because of study or work. They can converse fluently with Spanish speakers and write texts which are clear and give detailed information on a variety of topics. They can also give opinions on general topics.

Advanced (C1)

Number of hours required: 190

At this level students can understand a variety of written texts. They can express themselves fluently and effortlessly. They can also use Spanish in a variety of contexts such as academic, work and social. Lastly, they can write well structured texts about complex topics without mistakes in which all the parts are clearly separated.

Proficiency (C2)

Number of hours required: 230

At this level students can easily understand virtually all oral and written communication. They can transfer information that they have previously heard or read. Their speech will be completely spontaneous, fluent and precise. They can write complex texts which show their ability to express and understand subtleties in meaning in their reasoning.

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