“El Alessandro_Longocurso ha sido completamente satisfactorio: la enseñanza fue exactamente como quería que fuera porque además del estudio de gramática, he mejorado mi español hablado y he aprendido sobre histori y cultura de España. El material didáctico ha sido muy útil. Lo recomendaría a quien quiera aprender español”.

Alessandro Longo Italy

Alexandra_Whitley“Coming to La Casa del Español was a great chance to improve your Spanish! You are given the choice of what you would like to study, wich means the couse is taliored to your needs. The grammar sessions were very useful ans I thoroughly enjoyed the oral lessons. Besides the Spanish host family was absolutely lovely”.

Alexandra Whitley England

Anisha_Shah“La Casa del Español is a great place and a way to learn Spanish with a perfect balance, and what is more important, you get tutored help with what you want to do to enhance the learning of the language”.

Anisha Shan England

Tiffany-Kate_Wheaton“I really enjoyed my stay, my family were incredible; welcolming, warm and we visited all sorts of lovely places and attractions, as well as trips to the beach and other parts of the countryside. Theymade me feel right at home and involved me in everything they did. As well as this they gave me a lot of freedom to explore Valladolid and encouraged me to spend time by myself to enjoy the city. They were understanding of the language barrier and made sure I felt comfortable, and at ease to let them know if I had any problems.

I found the classes at La Casa del Español challenging, but they helped me in understanding the core of the language, therefore making it easier for me to develop my ability to learn more. Overall I really enjoyed my trip, and it was thoroughly helpful in furthering my understanding of Spanish and Spain to itself.”

Tiffany-Kate Wheaton London, UK

Ruyan_Cao_2“He tenido suerte de elegir La Casa del Español. He estudiado mucho con los profesores y me encanta. Me ayudan a encontrar los fallso y ahora tengo m uy claro cómo estudiar en el futuro. ¡Durante un mes, casi he olvidado mi idioma!

Estuve viviendo con una familia de Valladolid excelente y hemos hecho muchas actividades juntos. El tiempo feliz siempre pasa muy rápido. ¡Ojalá pudiera volver a La Casa del Español”

Ruyan Cao China

Valeria_Nestola“Estoy muy contenta de haber estudiado aquí en La Casa del Español. Los profesores tienen muy buena actitud y nos dieron seguimiento durante todo el curso, son muy profesionales y hay muy buen ambiente de estudio donde poner en práctica todo lo que sabes. Me da pena volver a Italia, quiseira quedarme aquí, porqeu Valladolid es una ciudad magnífica que cada día me encanta más. ¡Hasta pronto!

Valeria Nestola Italy

Felix_Hammer.jpg“My time in Spain was really eventful and educational. La Casa del Español has achieved the best possible combination for the student looking to gain a high level of fluency in a short period of time. Most of my time was spent with the family whom I ate breakfast and dinner (the food was excellent throughout). They made a great effort to speak and explain things to me in Spanish which, although difficult for me at the beginning due to my relatively repertoire, really improved my Spanish in the short time that I was with them. Being accommodated with someone my own age was also great as I met his friends who were good fun.

The tutor system is also well-thought out. I had one-to-one tuition which also helped me progress quite quickly. The course is tailored to suit the needs of the person being taught and was quick to target my particular weak spots (grammar) and improve them. After having seen my tutor, the rest of the day constituted free time. This I spent wandering around Valladolid, interacting with salesmen and experiencing some of the Spanish culture first hand. Basically, thank you La Casa del Español for getting me the A*!!”

Felix Hamer London, UK

Evan_Acuna“I learned a lot and had a lot of fun at La Casa del Español. We worked on everything; they were good because they were about subjects that I had difficulties with like the “pluscuamperfecto”. So I think everything has gotten better, I emproved a lot, especially my speaking and listening. I want to come back as soon as possible!”

Evan Smith-Acuna USA

Agnese_Piccione“¡Venir a La Casa del Español es una experiencia que recomendaría a todos! Me he divertido mucho, sobre todo por la disponibilidad de los tutores. Las clases eran muy interesantes porque hablábamos solo en español y teníamos un profesor muy preaparado. Me gusta Valaldolid, una ciduad con mucha “movida”, bares y tiendas. Espero volver pronto, creo que echaré de menos este lugar…”

Agnese Piccione Italy

Matt Cochrane Ireland

Ian Gilchrist Ireland


“¡La Casa del Español es la mejor! The teachers are patient, the schedules are flexible. The encourage you to be confident with what you learn in class and use it every day to grow as a Spanish speaker”.

Makeda Queen USA

Nick_Lee“Really good fun, good lessons, with useful learning”.

Nick Lee UK

???????????????????????????????“En La Casa del Español me he encontrado un ambiente cordial, lo que me ha permitido mejorar mi español con confianza. La ciudad de Valladolid, de tamaño medio y acogedora, también ha contribuido a que haya disfrutado de mi residencia aquí.”

Paul Cambie Belgium

Carine_Lagreulet“Al principio, cuando empecé las clases en septiembre, no podía decir nada en español y ahora la gente me entiende y puedo vivir en España con normalidad”.

Carine Lagreulet France

Rauza_Tuyakbayeva“The organization of the arrival, providing detailed information with maps and schedules was very useful. I didn’t feel lost and alone in a new city. My stay in Valladolid was good balaced between stsudies and activities. On the other hand, the teachers was very patient and friendly; he tried to organize the content to be the most suitable for me. Now I can understand in general what people are talking about in Spanish!! Thank you!”.

Rauza Tuyakbayeva Kazajistán