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Travel from Madrid to Valladolid is easy and quick (less than 50 minutes by high-speed train).

Valladolid is a medium-sized clean and safe city.

The Spanish spoken in this area of Spain, known as Castilian, is pronounced very clearly.

Valladolid is a vibrant city with plenty of cultural activities.

Valladolid is also well known for its ‘tapas’ and cuisine; and of course, it is located at the heart of the Ribera de Duero wine region.

“Coming to La Casa del Español is an experience I would recommend to everyone! I’ve had great fun, especially because the teachers are so accessible. The classes were very interesting because we spoke only in Spanish and we had a very good teacher. I like Valladolid. It’s a city with a lot of activity, bars and shops. I hope to be able to return soon, I think I’m going to miss this place…”

Agnese Piccione. Italy

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